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What is ‘Ellinikon’?

The name of Greece differs in Greece in comparison with the names used for the country in other languages and cultures. The Greeks or Hellenes call their country Hellas or Ellada and its official name is Hellenic Republic. Ellinikon means “Greek” and Hellas is the Greek name for Greece, a country that is also known for its tasty and healthy food as well as its eating customs and habits. We at Ellinikon bring to you the finest ingredients for your cooking straight from Greece, so your health and taste buds can fully benefit by them.

The Company – Ellinikon

Established in 2019, Ellinikon is offering a large variety of carefully selected products and fine Greek foods from Greece. Our aim is to bring all of you as close as possible to the complete Greek experience, by giving you the opportunity to cook genuine Greek meals using our authentic Greek products. What we do is driven by our passion for healthy and nutritious eating we manage, gathered in our store selected Greek products manufactured by the best of the Greek food sector making use of the finest ingredients. We carefully select local, independent producers, agricultural cooperatives and passionate food artisans across Greece to offer you the most excellent products at the best possible prices. Working closely with our suppliers, we have managed to build strong relationships with them based on trust and respect, thus allowing us to ensure the quality and consistency of the products we import.

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